Study Because It’s My Job

Today’s song of the dayyyyyyyy is the Ting Tings’ Shut Up & Let Me Go. Catchy? Shut up and let me go, HEY! …I think yes. If you have already heard this song by them, check out their song Traffic Light for something a bit more mellowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………. Check this out; the Criminal Searches Beta site.…


The Death Penalty

Although I have been encouraged to post about abortion, I just watched a special on the death penalty and NEED to address the death penalty first. Especially because I disagree so firmly with the conservative mindset on the entire situation and am appalled at the morality behind it. (Think about this and don’t read it…


Four Day Week, Baby!

Today’s song of the day is Brett Dennon’s Darlin Do Not Fear. This guy has some of the best summer lounge songs (especially on the shores of Lk. Sammamish), so don’t expect any more of him until next year…. The website of the day for today is the most worthless thus far (of the whole…


Even Mondays Off Are Lame

Catching up on sleep is like trying to catch a unicorn. It is hard enough as it is, exspecially when there are so much other fun things to be done and you don’t even like stupid unicorns…. Today’s song of the day is the new Ben Folds song, You Don’t Know Me. It is on…


Three-Day Weekend, Y’all!

Today is effectively the second Saturday of the week, since Monday is a holiday (what holiday? who cares!). That means a gang of more videos! But before that, the song of the day. The song of the day for Sundays is not a song though, it is an album of the week. Totally threw you…


Song of the Day

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue

   A little reggae for the weekend relaxing time…

Saturday Video Madness

Since it is Saturday, I know you have time to watch these: The effects of lightning strikes: I am surprised this guy doesn’t decapitate himself: I don’t know which is funnier, the guy’s laugh or how long it takes him to react (Pretty much everywhere, it’s gonna be hot!): SWEET!: This is why you don’t…


Bideos Para Hoy

This is why I didn’t vote for Hilary (among millions of other reasons):

Some people can’t get enough of these, but I don’t really like animals: