Sunday Song

It feels like it has been weeks since I posted. Accordingly, here is your Sunday Song playlist…

Beastie Boys – Body Movin’

Bonobo – Cirrus

Foo Fighters – Everlong

Michael Jackson – Thriller

A-ha – Take on Me

Bonobo – Eyesdown

Blockhead – The Music Scene



“I’m having trouble understanding why so many ideologically driven folks seem really not to *want* to understand the beliefs that other people hold. It would appear to me that if you have confidence in your own beliefs, you would wish to spread those beliefs effectively, and a refined comprehension of the complexities of opposing opinions…


The Royal Destiny & Spiritual Inheritance of Man…

can be found in marriage. This speech, which will have to act as your lecture this week and last, is the best one I have heard in a very long time. Had I all the time in the world, I would do my best to relate it to several other topics, including the life and…


Don’t Be Late!

THIS!: This post may offend some readers. But only because it’s going to cut close to the bone for many. And I don’t care if I sound old-fashioned, because actually it’s nothing to do with ‘fashion’ or ‘generation’. It’s got everything to do with basic good manners and respect for other people. So here goes……