The Sterling/Bundy Thing

My favorite findings on the current attempts to start some kind of race war, with Bundy and Sterling as bait… Matt Walsh’s take on Sterling. WIll Grigg’s take on Bundy. EPJ on Bundy. Bundy’s clarification of his remarks, which seem to be nearly identical to the lifetime of work of Walter Williams and Tom Sowell:…



The Corruption of Intelligent & Good Ideology by Mainstreamage

Or A Theory as to Why Sidelined Thinkers Are the Ones You Should Read; Or Why Schoolbook Learnin’ Ain’t Doin’ You No Favors; Or Isn’t this Just Intellectual Misanthropy?; Or Laziness & Intellectual Reverse-Darwinism. Note: By “ideology,” I mean a system of beliefs or knowledge. Let’s go for the biggest sweeping generalization we can about…