A Rehab of History for the Ignorant

CompassRose is once again responsible for a post on Sola Nobilitas Virtus. This one. Two weeks ago, I spent a post rectifying the view that the Church was a controlling, evil force during the Middle Ages and then followed up with another about the falsity that the Inquisition was the Catholic disaster it has often…


Capitalist Pyramid (1)

Oligarchy America

This is so painfully obvious that it could be an Onion article… The US government does not represent the interests of the majority of the country’s citizens, but is instead ruled by those of the rich and powerful, a new study from Princeton and Northwestern Universities has concluded. The report, entitled Testing Theories of American…



Tolkien & the Jews

J.R.R. Tolkien’s best work was not The Lord of the Rings, it was far and away The Silmarillion. A compendium biblical in proportions and essence, it starts with a creation myth similar to the one found in the Old Testament. If you have not read the book but are interested in mythic writing, I would…