There Is a Guilt

A guilt we all have for the fact that we must consume to live. This guilt, absent theological foundation, becomes a poison very quickly: Because we are exploiters, by our nature. Science fiction movies in which an alien race has come and suck out all of the resources of a planet only to leave it…


Catholicism, Economics, & the Good Judge

Judge Napolitano gives your lecture of the week, melding religion, economics, and politics. He is a traditionalist Catholic, which of course makes him veeeeeeeery interesting… This is also very basic economics, so should be understandable and enjoyable for all… Enjoy:

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The peculiar predicament of the present-day self surely came to pass as a consequence of the disappointment of the high expectations of the self as it entered the age of science and technology. Dazzled by the overwhelming credentials of science, the beauty and elegance of the scientific method, the triumph of modern medicine over physical…



I have always been very anti-vegetarian, to the point that I would name my first born son Meat Johnston. But studies are increasingly showing too much meat consumption to be bad, as well as no meat consumption at all (beat me to it, Brett). There is a strong philosophy against vegetarianism, in my opinion. Here…