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I wonder: do ads not faze this generation because we are so used to them and can tune them out, or are marketers seriously that out of touch with us? All ads sound like this to me:

Denial of Speech

It is no surprise to those paying attention that the Bill of Rights means very little to those intent on expanding the police state. Politicians, academe, military strategists, and others spend a good deal of time advocating the revocation of the most basic of our rights, and an assault on the First Amendment is ongoing:…


Smaller than Atoms + Mathy

Everything you need to know about subatomic particles can be found over at io9. You know, in case you run into some when you are out and about. Wouldn’t want to be completely ignorant about it! As a bonus… Whitney’s Music Box(es). 1, 11, 211, 1211, 111221, 312211… The story of the proof of the…



Volans from MURAT SAYGINER on Vimeo. + Yet this does not exhaust what we have to say about Israels monarchy. Two important points have still to be made. The first can be summarized briefly. We can say that in the biblical accounts “good” kings are always defeated by Israel’s enemies, and the “great” kings who…