“Chinese Drone Strikes US Wedding”

Can you imagine that headline? Would a war start with China? How outraged would we feel? It recently happened in Yemen (for the 5th time), by a drone controlled by our military: On my wedding day, my wife and I hired a couple of shuttle vans to ferry guests between a San Clemente hotel and…




Conventionally, the state is defined as an agency with two unique characteristics. First, it is a compulsory territorial monopolist of ultimate decision-making (jurisdiction). That is, it is the ultimate arbiter in every case of conflict, including conflicts involving itself. Second, the state is a territorial monopolist of taxation. That is, it is an agency that…


Man Was Not Meant to Be Alone

Ronald Rolheiser, a spiritual teacher and author of many excellent books, is a priest – but he claims that is absurd. Man was not meant to be alone. He was meant to be married or surrounded by friends, but he was not meant to be alone. Being alone is psychologically and spiritually dangerous, he argues,…