Momentum Drives What We Like

I have thought for a long time that momentum drives the support of the population. Whether it be a political candidate, a popular song, a philosophical principle, or a restaurant, once momentum is achieved, people will glom onto a cause merely because others like it. We obviously see this in the political arena (Obama’s 39%…


Zeitgeist vs. Freedom

The best thing about understanding the philosophy of freedom thoroughly is that no matter how smart a professor is, no matter how many studies your educated friend can cite, there is very little that can decisively crush the ideology. Your lecture of the week this week is more of a debate, between Stephen Molyneux and…


Worst Fear, Realized

I hate flying commercial. Besides watching too many plane crash youtubes, the lack of control I have over my fate is probably the driving factor of the fear. Even so, this video gives a good reflection of that moment when life flashes before your eyes:

A Tale of Two Hyperinflations

Hyperinflation is defined by ever-increasing inflation and the public’s subsequent loss of all confidence in the value of currency. Different economic texts draw different lines as to what is severe inflation versus hyperinflation, but all of them agree that deficit financing is always the reason a country experiences hyperinflation. Many argue that our technocrats are…


Saul Alinsky’s 13 Rules

Alinsky, as you may know, is one of our Dear Leader’s political heroes. Once an ideologue that shunned the mainstream, it appears today Mr. Alinsky has been absorbed fully into this administration’s tactics. Of note are Alinsky’s 13 Rules for Radicals. See if you can spot them in the Obama Administration’s tactics: “Power is not…