Sunday Song/Playlist

More than just the usual one… The Griswolds – Beware the Dog Mr. Probz – Waves Hozier – Take Me To Church Wild Cub – Thunder Clatter We Are Twin – The Way We Touch Knox Hamilton – Work It Out Jesse Stewart – Cold Beer (repost) Kiesza – Hideaway Nico & Vinz – Am…



Hoppe on Marx

Hans-Hermann Hoppe is an anarcho-capitalist philosopher known for his refutations of democratic values and his use of axiomatic thinking in attempts to prove that freedom is the best option or only feasibility for human beings. Some of his work can be found in the Links and Meet Me Halfway sections of SNV (see the title…


In Pursuit of Virtue – Fall Is Coming Edition

Things floating around in these present times… “>”Food insecurity” isn’t an ongoing concern in the United States, as leftist hand-wringers claim. The methodology (not to mention special interested) that drove the study were flawed. A not-so-funny joke in our government: The Army, given $4.3 billion to track spending, can’t track spending. Psychopaths have bad sniffers.…



Bring These Words Back!

1. Ultracrepidarian (n):”Somebody who gives opinions on subjects they know nothing about.” Example: Too many ultracrepidarians discuss the conflict in Syria. 2. Snollygoster (n): “a shrewed, unprincipled person, especially a politician.” Example: Many consider Chris Christie a snollygoster after the Bridgegate scandal. 3. Zwodder (n): “a drowsy and stupid state of body or mind.” Example:…