On Conspiracy Theory, Briefly

“Conspiracy” is a word used both too little and too often. Many things are called conspiracy that are not, and many plots among men should be considered conspiracy but are not. Of course, today a conspiracy theorist is someone who believes crazy things, for example “the Titanic was sunk by a German submarine instead of…


The Nature of Police

The main intellectual defense of maintaining a public police force is the Hobbesian “if we didn’t have them there would be no one to protect us from the brutal nature of man.” The problem is, in reality, public police do nothing of the sort. They exist for two reasons: [Police] rarely, if ever, prevent a…


Debts and Deficits

Roger Garrison walks us through the economics of debts and deficits in your lecture of the week this week. Which is better – a tax or a deficit?


Adding to the discussion is Bob Wenzel of EPJ, who explains why overspending and the monetizing of debt leads to the boom-bust cycle:

Are You Sick of Piers Yet?

This guy is just asking for a beating in these interviews… Against Ben Shapiro: Against Larry Pratt (again): Against Joshua Boston: I am sure his ratings are going up, because it is fun to watch the guy shamed… On other fronts in the gun control issue, here is another take on the statistics: “Assault weapons”…



+ “Sniffing “but this is the twenty-first century” in the face of this evidence and the teaching of the Church is exactly like sniffing “But this is Tuesday!” The calendar has nothing to do with whether God created immortal spirits called “angels.” It has nothing to do with the fact that some of them abused…