Post Hoc, Ergo Propter Hoc

Bastiat: This is the greatest and most common fallacy in reasoning. Real sufferings, for example, have manifested themselves in England. These sufferings come in the train of two other phenomena: first, the reformed tariff; second, two bad harvests in succession. To which of these two last circumstances are we to attribute the first? The protectionists…


In Pursuit of Virtue – Is It December Yet?

The world keeps a’spinnin’: The U.N. seeks to control the internets this week. Innovation will always trump law, though, and you can be certain that if the New World Order succeeds, a new internet without any locus of control will arise. BUT, dear reader, Obama already signed an unprecedented secret cybersecurity bill that the NSA…


The Most Dangerous Time Is Now

The latest Mission Impossible film made me wonder why on earth we have created such horrible weapons as nuclear bombs. The fact that we could destroy ourselves completely is something that should bother everyone at least slightly when it is brought up. But the energy implications, on the other side of that coin, are just…


YouTube Channels that Might Interest You

I was asked recently what youtube channels I subscribe to, so here is the list of those which I think are worthy of your support!:

  • AntiWarRadio
  • BenSwann
  • BigThink
  • BobMurphyAnCap
  • CatoInstituteVideo
  • ForaTV
  • FPSRussia
  • HeritageFoundation
  • HooverInstitution
  • KhanAcademy
  • LarkenRose
  • LearnLiberty
  • LibertarianismDotOrg
  • LibertyInOurTime
  • MisesMedia
  • ReasonTV
  • RonPaul
  • RTAmerica
  • RussiaToday
  • SchiffReport
  • Stefbot
  • TheOnion
  • TokenLibertarianGirl
  • ViHart
  • WordOnFireVideo


Walmart: Two Perspectives.

Okay, three. All the hubbub this weekend over Black Friday shopping centered on Walmart. Many who don’t understand why cheap labor is important fail to see how low prices are good for the poor most of all. John Stossel: Meanwhile, Walmart IS bad, but not for the reasons you’d think. Penn & Teller explain a…