Sweden, Socialist Wonderland

Sweden is touted as the model for socialism by American leftists quite often. Lucky for us, very few American leftists understand and can apply economic reality to real reality. New economic research shows Sweden is going to be in the shithouse very soon. A few points: • Sweden did not become wealthy through social democracy,…


Empire of Illusion

More than anything, the pathology of today is widespread belief & hope in illusions and apathy to truth. This type of thinking is documented throughout history to follow the abundance and comfort that came from a moral awakening, and it is known to precede tragedy and pain within the human race. As to the illusions…


Obama on “Sin”

[An] excerpt of an interview Obama had with Cathleen Falsani of the Chicago Sun-Times quite a number of years ago:

Falsani: Do you believe in sin?

Obama: Yes.

Falsani: What is sin?

Obama: Being out of alignment with my values.


What a nonsensical load of narcissism. This man is deluded…