Against One Anti-Death Penalty Argument

There is very little evidence that the death penalty has a positive effect from a consequentialist perspective – and of course the moral aspect should never be overlooked. There is no good reason that the death penalty should be retained when the fullness of incapacitation exists in maximum security prisons. Still an argument circulates which…


Fields of Giants

You likely know a football player or two who played in college or professionally. If they are from an older generation, they might be tall or large, but changes are they are not hugely so. Today’s players, on the other hand, are gigantic. Check out this data set I wish I could embed on my…


Inequality, Revisted; Version 2388725

Household inequality is portrayed as a vast chasm of destructive essence which will lead to the fracturing of the country and world if it continues. No justification is ever given for GINI coefficients having much to do with a failing economy (at least, never without serious confounding variables), but the assertion is maintained as true…