“Pro-Choice” Means Anti-Science

Mark Shea with a reminder: I’m told that Christians hate science and go for mystical mumbo jumbo. But when the topic turns to abortion, it’s fascinating that prochoice rhetoric instantly turns to blather about the “mystery” of when human life begins and what human life is: all that stuff that is just so far above…


Matt Walsh

is quickly becoming tired, in the way he writes and what he writes about. It is one thing to write about content that should be addressed as often as possible, but it is another to live and die by ham-handed generalizations in an echo chamber of conservative high-fiving. I still read nearly every post he…


Having Children Is Immoral

From our “alternative perspectives” tag… Antinatalism: since children can’t consent to being born, it’s unethical to impose life (give birth) in a world in which the potential for great suffering exists. Having children means gambling with the welfare of someone else. It means conducting Frankenstein experiments you can’t control in which someone else pays the…