Serve and Protect?

More like “Abuse and Remain Unaccountable.” Police have become more and more insulated from the law, and a new double standard blooms. Where it used to be politicians who were exempt from the laws and policies they enact, police and other low-level government workers are being added to the protected and exploitative class. This video…


The Irrationality of Politics

Your lecture of the week this week is Michael Huemer on the way in which thinking about politics makes us suddenly stupid: I can’t say I agree at the end there. When the entire media gives a very limited spectrum of acceptable opinion, it is probably the case that everyone is misinformed, not just one…


In Pursuit of Virtue – February Edition, Vol. II

Let’s see what this new blog will look like for one of these babies… Tell me: if you saw a campaign lobby called “Whites for Gingrich” or “Caucasians for Santorum,” what would you think about that? It’s okay if you fit a certain vision, it seems… Cracked is right: human nature means we are in…