God Is Self-Evident

Among the arguments for God, we have: Kalam Cosmological Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism The existence of beauty, objective morality, and mathematical realism The moral and extratemporal senses of human beings Teleological argument from design (fine tuning) Quantum & interdimensional physics The experience of consciousness & Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem The historical person of Jesus Christ The historical…



“C” referring here to Coffee. Eric Peters explains why philosophically, the fiat amounts to little more than theft. This one is a truthiness overload: If government – using its magical powers – can make health care “affordable” why not make everything people need (and hell, everything they want) affordable? It’s a little mean-spirited to lower…


Becoming a Facebook Pariah

Facebook is the most interesting social experiment in history, for thousands of reasons. Mass psychology and the formation of social beliefs held by many people fascinate me, and both are implicated in Facebook discussion on an individual level amassing to a Mandelbrotian scale. You can comment, I can like that comment, add to that comment,…