In Pursuit of Virtue – September Edition

Note these: Fascinating look into the Vatican’s finances. Pope Frank, cleanin’ house! Why didn’t I also think of charging many users just a few cents for bids on an auction site? The idea is relatively simple and absolutely genius. Add these 50 studies to the list of those that destroy the leftist worldview. High five.…


In Pursuit of Virtue – July Edition

Notable articles and snippets from last week abound… But who will build the roads? The free market, as it has for a very long time. Scientists have finally decoded the physics behind earphone and other ropy tangles. Absolute truth in reality versus relative experience as reality – Einstein meets Tagore. Firefighters don’t actually fight fires…


The Anatomy of a Policed People

As the military industrial complex churns on and on without a major international engagement to supply, the question of demand inevitably arises. Keynesian spending can only help the economy if there are buyers for the new goods no one asked for. The solution for the military industrial complex became law enforcement. Since the war on…