Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Biggest paper of my life due tomorrow. Wish me Divine Providence. 

Sufjan Stevens – Chicago. Or anything else he sings. The guy is an orchestral genius.


“Not fahneeeeee! Bluhduh!”

Slapstick Tuesday

Akon – Right Now. Get it right now. Sine wave speech. REAL weird:, listen to the sine speech and see if you can figure out what it is saying. Then listen to the real clip. Then listen again…. Trippyyyyyyyyy. Top 10 ways to destroy the earth: are feasible, I checked… If only I lived in…


Forgot -‘of-the-day’!

Get on these for a good time: A really good short story: Real, Ultimate Power: And get the song Parasites by Ugly Casanova. It is creepycatchy. With emphasis on the creepy. But also on the catchy(?). And Ugly Casanova is a former band composed of none other than the Issaquah-native members of now-Modest Mouse. Word,…



I am still sick and probably won’t be going out tonight 🙁 Worst Halloween ever! Song of the day: Taylor Swift – Should’ve Said No.I dig Taylor Swft. Website of the day: Today’s wotd is a duo, one for guys and one for girlsGirls, click here:, click here: and Outblush are great little…