We Need Logic, Stat!

Studies can be designed to prove almost anything. Even if the result of a study is impossible given the finite nature of reality and the limits of logic (see “minimum wage increases cause growth in employment” studies), many will believe its results without reference to methodology, interpretation, statistical analysis, et cetera. A study can be…


Fields of Giants

You likely know a football player or two who played in college or professionally. If they are from an older generation, they might be tall or large, but changes are they are not hugely so. Today’s players, on the other hand, are gigantic. Check out this data set I wish I could embed on my…


Actually, “Liberalism” Doesn’t Work, You Ponce – Part V – Taxes and Regs

Good morning. So far, you have heard about why the left and right are the same (part I), that trends were altered around the 70s and 80s (part II), the role of markets in history (part III), and the dangers of debt (part IV). It has been a bit jumbled and confusing in parts, perhaps,…