Darwinism & the Morality of Homosexuality

Plenty has been said about the morality of homosexuality from Christian perspectives. I have pondered often why Darwinists don’t find homosexuality unnatural for humans from a teleological perspective. As it turns out, a recent r/philosophy post addressed this and leveled some objections… Natural Law Theory and the Argument The perverted faculty argument (henceforth PFA) is…



I get flak quite often for “always thinking I am right” (of course I hold my opinions to be correct, you idiots, else why would I hold them? Tell me about your beliefs that you believe are incorrect!). Perhaps because I argue too forcefully and my opinions don’t change often. Here is a display of…


In Pursuit of Virtue – Is It December Yet?

The world keeps a’spinnin’: The U.N. seeks to control the internets this week. Innovation will always trump law, though, and you can be certain that if the New World Order succeeds, a new internet without any locus of control will arise. BUT, dear reader, Obama already signed an unprecedented secret cybersecurity bill that the NSA…